Welcome, and thank you for taking the time to check out our website.

Cardaspians guarantees to be a valuable staking pool since 2019, and we are still more than happy to welcome new members / stakers / delegators. Our community means a lot and we tend to be as transparent as we can possibly be. If you’re looking for a staking pool that cares about its community, don’t hesitate to read more and get to know us underneath. 
Do you still have questions after scrolling this website? We’d love to help you anyway we can.

So without further ado, our story…

Once Upon A Time

It all started with Mark, our beloved Stake Pool Operator (SPO). As a crypto enthusiast, Mark started following Cardano in 2017, when mainnet went live. With a profound IT background, his specific interests focused on participating in the Cardano network. Together with the right partners, Jan and Paul, they formed an exceptional team, with an abundance of IT and Business experience.

Cardaspians was founded a bit later and participated in the ITN (incentivize Test Net). Later, we participated in the HNT (Haskell Test Net). Mark became the SPO and his research led to our launch. We went live on mainnet on July 29th 2020, already producing blocks during the first Shelley epochs.

Great Minds Think Alike

While Mark had a lot of weight on his shoulders doing all the back-end organization, Paul and Jan supported him with every means possible.
Both having a profound business background, they put there knowledge and network into action.

The three of them were once colleagues for a renowned company, and are joined together for a new and exciting challenge.
Together, they believe in Cardano and its ecosystem, seeing the impact it can have -not only in a web 3.0 world - but in society in general.

Paul puts his focus on business development and partnerships, Jan has a passion for sales and investor relations.

Young Blood Represents

In late 2022, the team got a triple injection, with the mission to spread education on Cardano, making the staking pool flourish and establish a Belgian Cardano community. 
Tim and Jason, two teachers and crypthusiasts who have been in the scene since 2017, are happy to take on this challenge.

A third, extremely valuable addition to the team, is Robin, a crypto and cyber security expert who supports Mark back-end, but has the intrinsic talents to take Cardaspians to another level.

The combination of experienced team members and young enthusiasm steers an excellent drive, focus and communication within the team. With these necessary ingredients, we are making a difference for Cardano, its community, our delegators and the Belgian crypto scene in general.

The Future Holds

No one knows what the future holds, but we are planning to make the best of it. Right now, we are focusing on the full potential of our staking pool, meaning its growth and in a later phase, the integration of possible web/app applications.

Furthermore, we would like to bring quality content about Cardano and its ecosystem. Investing in the safety of our staking pool is another priority. 
With a maximum online relay time, we prove to have a reliable and redundant cloud infrastructure. This is a guarantee which we wish to cherish towards everyone who puts his/her trust in our staking pool.

We have tons of other dreams to make Cardano the ultimate, decentralized ecosystem and to give delegators the maximum amount of respect that they deserve for their trust in us.

Ideas are being formed, implementing them takes time. So stay put through our various socials to see what we have in store for all of you. 


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